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[1] McCaskill: GOP Won’t Be Happy Until ‘Rape Victim Is Put in Prison’ for Taking Morning-After Pill

[2] American families will begin receiving child tax credit payments in July

[3] Tlaib: Biden Isn’t Saying ‘Palestinians Deserve Human Rights’ — He Has to ‘Speak Out Against this Vi

[4] Hutchinson: ‘We Should Not’ Make Trump the Leader of Our Party — He ‘Lost the Election’

[5] Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to 47.5 Percent in May

[6] Ilhan Omar: ‘Appalling’ Biden Would Allow Weapons to Be Sent to Israel

[7] White House ‘Calls a Lid’ 1:48 p.m. Monday After Biden’s Extended Weekend Trip Home to Delaware

[8] Joe Biden Supports Israeli Ceasefire After Pressure from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Left

[9] Biden Administration Flounders in Middle East With Inability to Name an Ambassador to Israel


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