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[1] LIVE THREAD: Jan. 6 Bogus committee hearing

[2] Susan Sarandon protests outside of AOC's office: 'We’re losing hope here that you represent us'

[3] ‘Can’t spend halftime in opponent’s locker room’: GOP push to oust Cheney, Kinzinger

[4] McConnell: 'It never occurred to me' convincing Americans to get vaccinated would be difficult

[5] Jordan Says Pelosi Kept Him off Jan 6 Commission Because He Pressed Her On Her Role In Security Brea

[6] The 17 Republicans who voted to advance the Senate infrastructure bill

[7] McCarthy knocks Pelosi, mask mandate: 'This House has broken the country's trust'

[8] Democrats’ Massive Amnesty Prospects Fade with Kyrsten Sinema Opposition to $3.5T Budget

[9] Joe Biden Claims Infrastructure Victory Despite No Bill Text or Vote


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