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[1] Why they call the Osprey the 'widow maker'

[2] Listen to stunning 911 tape after F-35 pilot parachuted into backyard: ‘We had a military jet crash’

[3] Ukraine downed a hypersonic missile with a Patriot. What that says about the future of weapons

[4] Navy Stops Digital Recruiting Program After Discovering Enlistees Aren’t Into Drag Queens

[5] Audio: Bizarre 911 Call from F-35 Pilot Ejected Over South Carolina Reveals Current Military State

[6] Special Ops C-130s Using Beaches As Runways Eyed For Pacific Fight

[7] The U.S. Military is Unequipped for High-Intensity Combat

[8] Hope returns to sailors aboard USS George Washington after 6-year overhaul

[9] 101st and 82nd Airborne Division soldiers deploying to Eastern Europe


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