Second Amendment


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[1] New Mexico Governor Effectively Suspends 2nd Amendment Under “Emergency” Decree

[2] Massive errors in FBI’s Active Shooting Reports from 2014-2022 regarding cases where civilians stop

[3] Gun laws or second amendment is a 'false choice,' Harris says in Chicago

[4] ATF proposes rule to close 'gun show loophole'

[5] Democrat Eric Swalwell Calls for Buyback of All AR-15s

[6] New York State Police: Ammunition Background Check System Will Be Online Sept. 13

[7] D.C. to pay $5.1 million to people arrested/prosecuted for violating unconstitutional gun laws

[8] Massachusetts judge: Second Amendment rights cross state lines

[9] 13 women use firearms in self-defense against exes, criminals over 2-week period across US


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