Second Amendment


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[1] Fifth Circuit Rules Against Biden Administration on Barring Gun Possession in Domestic Violence Case

[2] "The same Democrats who are voting to send firearms to Ukraine are telling me I can’t carry one."

[3] Rep. Andrew Clyde to Use Congressional Review Act to Override ATF Stabilizer Brace Rule

[4] Colorado lawmakers drafting ban on semiautomatic weapons

[5] Gavin Newsom Blasts ‘Weapons of War’ After Handgun Used in Mass Shooting

[6] No charges for gas station clerk who blasted suspected armed robber: 'I’m not happy I had to shoot h

[7] Schumer calls for FTC probe into marketing of ‘JR-15’ gun toward ‘smaller enthusiasts’

[8] Second Amendment Works – Video Shows What Happens When You Steal A Purse From A Woman In Texas

[9] Scotus Rejects Crucial Case, Thomas, Alito Issue Serious Warning.


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