Second Amendment


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[1] ATF Stripped Of Power Under NEW 9-0 Emergency Order By Supreme Court

[2] Texas Blocks Biden’s ATF Rule Restricting Gun Sales

[3] Gavin Newsom's anti-gun constitutional amendment fails to gain support from a single state after 1 y

[4] Supreme Court Emergency Decision To End All Firearm Permits Nationwide Gets Put Into Motion

[5] Judge Rules California's Assault Weapons Act Is Unconstitutional

[6] Supreme Court Issues Emergency Order Denying Immediate Block of Firearm Permits

[7] Gun News Roundup for May 21, 2024

[8] TX AG Ken Pax­ton Secures Tem­p Restrain­ing Order Stop­ping Unlaw­ful ATF Rule from Tak­ing Effect

[9] Here's Why Gun Control Doesn't Work


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