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[1] An Armed Robber Forced His Way Into A Home Occupied By Children – Doesn’t Get Past The Door

[2] Robber Armed With A Knife Paid The Ultimate Price When He Attacked A 65-Year Old Concealed Carrier

[3] BREAKING: Fifth Circuit Issues Injunction on ATF Pistol Stabilizing Brace Ban

[4] Supreme Court allows Illinois 'assault weapons' ban to take effect

[5] If Brazil’s Firearm Ban Is So Great, Why Won’t Gun-Control Activists Bet On It?

[6] AR-15 Bans Are (Still) Unconstitutional

[7] Human Rights Group Sues Philadelphia to End Unconstitutional Knife Ban

[8] Armed ATF agents going door-to-door to confiscate gun devices

[9] MOVED: First-ever ‘smart gun’ with fingerprint unlocking system hits the market


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