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[1] Whistleblowers Expose Biden Administration Plan to End Private Gun Sales

[2] Judge blocks California from suing makers of 'abnormally dangerous' guns

[3] S. 3589: Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act of 2024

[4] Armed Chicago Tow Truck Drivers Provide Violent Attacker With a Trip to the Hospital – Legal Conseq

[5] Biden gun rule being drafted to effectively ban private sales: ATF whistleblowers

[6] Kurt Russell Is Straight-FIRE Taking Woke ‘Writer’ APART on Gun Control and It’s GLORIOUS (Audio)

[7] Democrats Push Biden Administration to Shut Down Ammunition Plant Supposedly to Prevent Mass Shootin

[8] Joe Biden Exercises Executive Action to Promote More Gun Control

[9] The Media Lost Their Minds Over The New Florida Gun Law. But Violent Crime Dropped


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