Second Amendment


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[1] Biden creates new ATF gun-trafficking ‘strike forces’ in gun control crackdown

[2] Biden threatens to revoke some gun dealers’ licenses, incl. those in ‘2nd Amendment sanctuary’ state

[3] Pizza delivery man uses concealed carry gun to shoot, kill armed robber, save coworker

[4] Ninth Circuit Blocks District Court Ruling Against CA ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

[5] Missouri gov, AG fire back at Biden DOJ over 'federal overreach' on 2nd Amendment rights

[6] 141 Congress members urge DOJ to withdraw pistol brace guidance that ‘will make millions of American

[7] Brace Yourselves, the Liberal Media Is About to Flip Over This Tweak to Texas' Gun Laws

[8] Texas: Attorney General Paxton Opposes Latest DoJ/ATF Attack

[9] 2d Amendment Sanctuary


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