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[1] 70-car train derails in North Dakota, spills hazardous materials: reports

[2] Washington Dems Want English-Language Requirement Cut for Certain Civil Service Positions

[3] Explosion at R.M. Palmer chocolate factory in Pennsylvania leaves 2 dead, others missing and injured

[4] Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows...March 26th

[5] ‘Woke’ DOD official Kelisa Wing reassigned after GOP highlights anti-white tweets

[6] Antifa Members Arrested in Atlanta are White and Five Aren’t Even From Georgia

[7] Black Lives Matter Movement Received Nearly $83 Billion from Corporations

[8] US drone hit by Russian pilot 'sank to an unrecoverable depth'

[9] Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno Melt Down as Trump Prepares to Publish Their Letters to Him


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