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[1] Statue of Roosevelt To Be Removed From the Front of New York Museum

[2] Subway’s tuna sandwiches found to contain no tuna fish DNA, lab tests find following lawsuit

[3] Top Chinese counterintelligence official defected to US, provided intel on Wuhan lab and China's bio

[4] New Study Ranks the Most (and Least) Patriotic States -- What’s Yours?

[5] Grandmother of 5 from Indiana Is First “Insurrectionist” to Be Sentenced in Jan. 6 Protests — FOR WA

[6] Partner of Capitol cop who died calls Trump ‘mastermind’ of Jan. 6 riot

[7] George Floyd statues are 'racist,' used by Biden, Dems as Marxist ploy to 'denigrate' Black men: Whi

[8] ‘He Runs Away From Diversity’: Tucker Carlson Reveals CNN’s Don Lemon Lives In Town That Is 80% Whit

[9] Behar Blames Trump for Rising Crime Rates — He Spent ‘Four Years Normalizing Crime’


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