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[1] Left Wants Obama to Postpone the Election [Rush- Good Luck]

[2] Ultra-Lib Richard Cohen Eviscerates Obama [Rush's Take]

[3] Latest on Benghazi: Tyrone Woods Painted a Target, But the Missile Never Came

[4] Suddenly, Polls Don't Matter, Endorsements Don't Matter -- and Ohio Doesn't Matter?

[5] Obama Campaign in Panic Mode

[6] I'm an Optimist, Not a Fatalist [Rush Limbaugh]

[7] Media Ignores Obama's Libya Scandal

[8] Romney's Brilliant Debate Strategy Eroded Obama's Carefully Crafted Aura of Likability

[9] It Wasn't Just an Apology Tour, It Was a Condemnation Tour! And We Have All the Evidence to Prove It Right Here...


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