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[1] SEMI-NEWS/SEMI-SATIRE: February 5, 2023 Edition

[2] Ridiculous News of the Day

[3] Jill Biden Presents Song of the Year at 65th Annual Grammy Awards (VIDEO)

[4] US Military -There Were SIX China Spy Balloons Spotted During Trump Years – BUT NO ONE WAS NOTIFIED

[5] General Says NORAD Missed Previous Chinese Spy Balloon Incursions During the Trump Administration

[6] North Dakota town BLOCKS Chinese firm from building near Grand Forks Air Base

[7] Gabby Petito update: Newly released high-res photo shows injuries from Utah domestic call

[8] Biden trying to put popular internet voice in jail for Hillary memes

[9] F-22 is pictured heading to kill Chinese balloon as it's revealed U2 spy planes tracked the craft an


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