Climate Change


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[1] Astrophysicist Warns About the Coming Little Ice Age: ‘It’s Already Started’

[2] Energy Sec Granholm Gets Flummoxed When Asked About Biden’s Net Zero Agenda

[3] Biden WH Weighs Invoking Climate Emergency To Hamper Oil Production, Garner Youth Votes

[4] Ban EVs: 15 Compelling Reasons Why Electric Cars Should Be Banned For Good

[5] “Climate Change” vs. “Global Warming”: What Do Left and Right Media Report?

[6] In hot ancient Rome, it’s not the heat but the cold times that align with plagues

[7] EV And AI Power Demands Will Only Fuel More Electric Rate Shocks

[8] Antarctica Is Colder, Icier Now Than Any Time In 5000 Years. The Last Warm Period Was 1000 Years Ago

[9] ClimateTV – U.S. Surface Temperature Measurements Redux: Still Not Fit for Purpose


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