Climate Change


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[1] COP28 climate conference is not just the Super Bowl of virtue signaling. It's doing real damage

[2] Loud fart sound erupts during John Kerry’s speech at climate panel

[3] First They Came For The Cars, Now They Want The Cows

[4] Michigan Energy Plan: At Least $200 Billion For Wind, Solar and Corporate Profits With No Effect On

[5] Privileged King Lectures Us On Climate

[6] New Study: The ‘Global Tropics As A Whole’ Were As Warm Or Warmer Than Today 10,000 Years Ago

[7] The climate agenda is blatantly anti-progress and anti-human

[8] 'Offshore' wind energy is 10 times more expensive than nuclear energy

[9] No, CNN, Climate Change is Not Costing the U.S. Billions


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