Elections 2024


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[1] DeSantis rips Trump over ‘juvenile’ name-calling in New Hampshire

[2] Ron DeSantis snaps at reporter claiming he's not taking questions from voters: 'Are you blind?'

[3] DeSantis starts to hone his attacks against Trump

[4] Trump to deploy military assets to ‘inflict maximum damage’ on cartels if elected in 2024

[5] RFK Jr rips Trump over ties to Big Pharma: ‘legalized bribery’

[6] Pence to announce June 7th

[7] DeSantis vows to send Biden ‘back to his basement,’ rips debt-ceiling deal in Iowa campaign kickoff

[8] DeSantis: Trump’s ‘whole family moved to Florida under my governorship’

[9] Comey: Trump Is ‘Existential Threat’; GOP Is a Cult that Needs to Lose in 2024


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