Elections 2024


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[1] Ramaswamy Does What Every Republican Should Be Doing, Makes BlackRock a Campaign Issue

[2] Here's the Former Trump Aide Who Could Be Gunning for Jerry Nadler's Seat

[3] Trump Has Zero Shot At Winning The Most Important Election In History

[4] This is funny

[5] Biden Campaign Pours $25 Million into Swing State Ad Blitz as He Polls Tight with Trump

[6] Former Navy SEAL and Purple Heart Recipient Is Gaining Steam In High-Profile Race Against 3-Term Dem

[7] RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel says Republican candidates need to appeal to Independents in 2024

[8] Joe Biden could lose the presidency because of Afghanistan

[9] Trump's Lead Just Continues to Grow as Indictments Pile Up


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