Elections 2024


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[1] Wildest dream: Biden is eyeing a huge celebrity surrogate — Taylor Swift

[2] Majority Of Swing State Voters Say They Won’t Back Trump If Convicted: Poll

[3] Pro-Life Group Endorses Donald Trump: He Was the Most Pro-Life President

[4] Biden rallies Sunshine State Democrats: ‘We can win Florida’

[5] New ballot setup backed by liberal megadonors is changing the outcomes of American elections

[6] Poll: Donald Trump Competitive with Joe Biden in Colorado as He Looks to Expand Electoral Battlegrou

[7] Biden on the ballot: Joe’s struggles with minority voters to see first test in South Carolina primar

[8] Biden overcomes ‘visceral dislike’ of rival to trash Trump by name

[9] Boebert finishes fifth in straw poll of new district


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