Elections 2024


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[1] DeSantis dismisses 2024 polling decline against Trump: 'I'm not a candidate'

[2] Rapper Afroman formally enters 2024 presidential race

[3] Exclusive — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: My Wife Cheryl Hines Has Lost Jobs in Hollywood for Supporting My

[4] Netanyahu expresses interest in meeting with DeSantis on Israel trip this week

[5] DeSantis takes shot at Trump for Fauci’s role during admin’s coronavirus response

[6] Former Nevada AG and longtime Trump ally joins PAC backing DeSantis

[7] Julie Chávez Rodriguez Set to Be Biden's Campaign Manager - if and When He Actually Announces

[8] Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. Launches 2024 Presidential Campaign in Boston

[9] RFK Jr. claims middle class was ‘systematically’ wiped out under COVID lockdowns


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