Elections 2024


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[1] Kamala Harris Proclaims ‘God Bless the USA’ While Promoting Abortion in Florida

[2] In new interview Trump details second-term plans for use of military in immigration enforcement, que

[3] Obama to serve as Illinois delegate, could upstage Biden at DNC

[4] The ‘Biden bump’ that didn’t last long > Byron York

[5] Trump’s vice presidential pick won’t matter

[6] Republicans trailing in key Senate races even as Trump holds leads

[7] Biden: I’ll Do Gun Control in 2nd Term, Idea ‘Liberty Is Watered with the Blood of Patriots,’ Is ‘Bu

[8] Minor/passé primaries - Sophie’s choice for you?

[9] James Carville says third-party candidate going to get 'a lot of f---ing votes' in 2024


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