Elections 2024


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[1] DeSantis, Ramaswamy to stand center stage at first GOP presidential debate

[2] DeSantis Makes 'Listless Vessels' Comment That Sends Team Trump Into Orbit

[3] Kinzinger: Trump Is ‘Scared to Death of Chris Christie’

[4] DeSantis backers show support at pre-Republican debate rally in Fla.: ‘Trump’s day is done’

[5] Mitt Romney says he’ll make a Senate reelection decision by the fall

[6] Kayleigh McEnany Argues Trump Is About To Make A 'Huge Political Miscalculation'

[7] Here’s How The Non-Trump Candidates Need To Answer Trump-Related Questions

[8] Inside Trump's new plan to limit immigration

[9] Poll: Trump has 23-point lead over DeSantis in first test of GOP caucus field


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