Elections 2024


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[1] DeSantis pleads with Florida Congress members to stop endorsing Trump

[2] Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp urges Republicans to move on from election fraud claims: '2020 is ancient hi

[3] Report: Biden’s Delayed 2024 Campaign Intended to Protect the President from Himself

[4] GOP Rep. Mace on Abortion: ‘Women Are Not Going to Vote for Us’ — 2024 Will Be a ‘Bloodbath’

[5] (Video) Donald J. Trump Keynote Address to the NRA

[6] Mike Pence Met With Crickets, Then Boos At NRA Convention

[7] Gingrich calls Biden ‘weak’ but acknowledges ‘enormous power’ of incumbents in primaries

[8] Donations Leap Ahead for Trump in 2023 with $34M+ Raised So Far

[9] Don Juniors video re his Daddys persection


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