Elections 2024


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[1] Trump lashes out at DeSantis, says he regrets his endorsement of him

[2] Where is the GOP’s election litigation team for the 2024 election?

[3] Trump to Hold Massive Rally in the Face of Bragg’s Potential Indictment

[4] Biden reveals which states he is targeting in spending blitz — and 2024

[5] Fox News Commentator says that “the Bushes” and Karl Rove are running Ron DeSantis’ shadow president

[6] THAT WAS QUICK: DeSantis Donors Reportedly Recommending DeSantis Sit This One Out

[7] Larry Hogan would rethink 2024 presidential run to keep Trump out of White House

[8] Chris Christie tests the waters in New Hampshire, looks for 'pathway to winning'

[9] Trump calls for contest to create futuristic ‘Freedom Cities’


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