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[1] LIVE THREAD...Second Republican Presidential Primary Debate

[2] Live Thread: GOP Debate

[3] WATCH: Ron DeSantis Kills It on Bill Maher, Has the Lib Audience Cheering

[4] Ron DeSantis' Throws Down the Gauntlet, Challenges Trump to One-on-One Debate: 'I'm Ready for It'

[5] Ex-chief of staff John Kelly confirms stories about Trump hating on veterans, POWs

[6] RFK Jr. Internal Polling Revealed – In a 3-way Race, Robert Kennedy Jr. Takes Away the Trump Lead Ov

[7] Poll: RFK Jr. Independent Bid Would Help Donald Trump, Hurt Joe Biden

[8] DeSantis: Trump Using Biden's 'Basement' Strategy

[9] Trump Campaign Leaves Actual Birdcage at Nikki Haley’s Hotel Door as Part of ‘Birdbrain’ Attack


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