Mar-a-Lago Raid


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[1] ‘Trump Employee 4’ retracts testimony after changing lawyers, implicates former president, prosecuto

[2] Pence says he has no knowledge of ‘broad-based effort’ by Trump to declassify documents

[3] Mark Meadows Just Complicated Donald Trump's Defense in the Classified Docs Case

[4] Trump, Nauta plead not guilty to new Mar-a-Lago charges: live updates

[5] Donald Trump indicted: Judge Aileen Cannon rejects request for electronics in Florida courtroom

[6] Judge in Trump Documents Case Questions Prosecution’s Use of Out-of-District Grand Jury

[7] Trump co-defendant Carlos De Oliveira released on $100K bond

[8] The 60-page indictment, blow-by-blow of alleged Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage obstruction

[9] Cohen to Mar-a-Lago co-defendants: ‘Run’ from Trump or ‘end up behind bars’


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