Crime And Punishment


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[1] Battle Portland:

[2] Attacks against churches doubled in 2023, report warns: 'Growing disdain for Christianity'

[3] Laken Riley case: Georgia authorities identify murder suspect in custody in nursing student's slayin

[4] ICE confirms Georgia student murder suspect entered US illegally, was previously arrested in NYC

[5] Transgender inmate to be transferred to women's facility, get surgery after lawsuit

[6] Judge Finds Targeting Far-Right for Riots While Ignoring Antifa ‘Constitutionally Impermissible’

[7] Dem Mayor Henyard accused of launching police raids against businesses that won’t 'pay the queen's r

[8] Ohio mother who left 16-month-old baby alone in playpen for TEN DAYS so she could go on vacation ple

[9] Drunken drivers would have to pay child support for victims’ kids under these laws


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