Crime And Punishment


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[1] Battle Portland:

[2] Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz agrees to donate his brain to science in shocking settlement

[3] Video: Mob of 80 to 100 Looters Rob Oakland Gas Station Market of $100K in Merchandise – What the Po

[4] Anthrocon (Furry) attendee attacked with sword at Pittsburgh’s Wyndham Grand Hotel

[5] Meet the Rich Kids, Professors, and Activists Arrested at Columbia in April

[6] Judge Orders FBI to Release Nashville Transgender Shooter's Manifesto

[7] Report: ‘Openly Genderfluid’ Ex-Biden Official Sam Brinton to Undergo Mental Health Treatment to Res

[8] Hundreds Of Missing Children Rescued In US Marshals Operation

[9] Where is Biden’s ‘Gender-Fluid’ Thieving Ex-Nuclear Waste Chief Today?


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