January 6th


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[1] Kash Patel: Senior Military Officials Intentionally Delayed National Guard Deployment on January 6th

[2] Meet Donell Harvin: Trump-Hating Deep State Official Who ‘Predicted’ J6 Pipe Bombs in Advance

[3] Deputy’s selfies at Jan. 6 insurrection got her fired, suit says. Now she gets payout

[4] Jan. 6 Arrests Running at Nearly Double the Rate of 2023 and 2022: Report

[5] START THE COURT MARTIAL PROCEEDINGS: DC National Guard Whistleblower Alleges Trump’s Commander-in-Ch

[6] D.C. Metro Police suspended undercover officer for 10 days for encouraging J6 attendees to go toward

[7] Newly released #january6th footage reveals the @CapitolPolice cameras were tracking Ray Epps!

[8] Ex-Pentagon official says J6 committee threatened him to shut up about Nat’l Guard troops

[9] ‘Lied With Impunity’: National Guard Whistleblowers Accuse Army Leaders Of Covering Up Jan. 6 Deploy


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