January 6th


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[1] Pelosi on Trump Blaming Her for January 6: ‘There Is a Sickness There’

[2] Jonathan Turley: Jack Smith goes too far in trying to gag Donald Trump

[3] Judge asked to impose narrow gag order on Trump in Jan. 6 case; prosecutors cite witness intimidatio

[4] A Jan. 6 rioter was convicted and sentenced in secret. No one will say why

[5] Enrique Tarrio: Feds Tried to ‘Coerce Me’ into Implicating Donald Trump

[6] InfoWars Host Owen Shroyer Sentenced to 60 Days Prison over Capitol Riot

[7] Donald Trump Asks Judge Tanya Chutkan to Recuse Herself from January 6 Case

[8] ‘Get Trump’ Prosecutors Are Trampling On Due Process

[9] Proud Boys leader said DOJ attorneys told him to lie about Trump


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