January 6th


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[1] Federal Judge Orders January 6 Defendant To Be Released From D.C. Jail

[2] BUSTED: Adam Schiff Appears to Fake Evidence in Text Messages at January 6 Committee

[3] Swalwell on January 6 Probe: ‘There May Be a Criminal Referral’ for Donald Trump

[4] Boxer: If Trump Could Stop the January 6 Riot ‘It Proves He Started It’

[5] Dershowitz Rips Democrats for Holding Mark Meadows in Contempt Before Courts Rule on Executive Privi

[6] Biden says Meadows 'worthy of being held in contempt'

[7] Jan. 6 committee votes to recommend Mark Meadows for prosecution

[8] Hannity, Ingraham knock Jan. 6 panel after revelation of texts to Meadows

[9] Defiant Mark Meadows Slams the Democrats: ‘They’re Not Going to Intimidate Me’


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