January 6th


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[1] THE PELOSI INSURRECTION: New Video Reveals Pelosi Taking Responsibility for Unprotected US Capitol o

[2] Pelosi: Trump and His Toadies ‘Trying to Do Revisionist History on January 6’

[3] FBI Arrests 75-Year-Old Retired NASCAR Driver Tighe Scott and Son on Charges Related to January 6

[4] Trump calls for Jan. 6 committee members to be indicted

[5] Fired Bexar County Sheriff’s Deputy Wins $395,000 Settlement

[6] Nancy Pelosi Edited Sound Onto Jan 6th Footage To Make It Sound Violent (Video)

[7] J6 Inquisitors Nail Their First Big Name

[8] Ashli Babbit's heroic final minutes

[9] Kash Patel: Senior Military Officials Intentionally Delayed National Guard Deployment on January 6th


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