January 6th


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[1] Jan. 6 committee chair: 'No question' Capitol riot was a premeditated attack

[2] BREAKING: Biden's DOJ Opens Investigation Into Pres. Trump

[3] Theater of the Absurd in J6 Courtrooms

[4] Proof That January 6, 2021 Was The Most Dangerous Insurrection In American History.

[5] Kevin McCarthy defends Capitol Officer who murdered Ashli Babbitt…

[6] Doctor Who Tried to Save Ashli Babbitt Slapped With Felonies, Other Charges for Participation in Cap

[7] House GOP Report Faults Nancy Pelosi For Jan. 6 Security Failures

[8] Why isn't This Guy in Jail is a question every American Patriot should be asking Today!

[9] Officer Lila Morris, Badge Number 5869, Beat a Protestor To Death on Steps of US Capitol on Jan 6


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