January 6th


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[1] BREAKING: Biden's DOJ Opens Investigation Into Pres. Trump

[2] Jan. 6 committee chair: 'No question' Capitol riot was a premeditated attack

[3] Jay Johnston, "Bob's Burgers" and "Arrested Development" actor, charged for alleged role in Jan. 6 a

[4] Trump ally Bannon subpoenaed in special counsel Jack Smith's Jan. 6 grand jury probe

[5] Nancy Pelosi Edited Sound Onto Jan 6th Footage To Make It Sound Violent (Video)

[6] J6 Defendant on Ray Epps: ‘They Are Protecting Him Like Crazy’ By Julie Kelly

[7] Hey Look! Proof Democrats Doctored J6 Evidence

[8] FBI Increases Reward to $500,000 for Information About Capitol Hill Pipe Bomb Suspect

[9] Ex-FBI agent feds say urged Jan. 6 rioters to kill police worked terrorism task force


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