Midterm Elections 2022


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[1] Mid-term Election 2022 Live Thread – Welcome to the Party Pal!

[2] Non-Profit Urges Investigations of Additional Suspected Voter Fraud Cases, Part 2

[3] MOVED: Poll: 1 in 5 Mail-in Voters Admitted to Casting Illegal Ballots

[4] Another Dem Charged With Election Fraud – What Happened To Those ‘Super-Secure’ Elections?

[5] Fraud in the Arizona Election: There’s No Evidence!!

[6] Judicial Watch Sues Homeland Security for Records Tied to Election Censorship Collusion

[7] Public Forced To Wait As Mohave County Judge Shows No Urgency In Attorney General Election Case

[8] Arizona House Expels Republican Legislator Liz Harris After She Presented Witness Who Alleged Crimes

[9] What Does It Cost to Buy a State?


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