Military History


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[1] The story behind the large concrete arrows scattered across Utah

[2] Alone and Unknown: Custer's Unidentified Soldier

[3] The two von Trapp brothers from ‘The Sound of Music’ served in the 10th Mountain during WWII

[4] Georg Luger: The Forgotten History of the Man Who Designed the Luger Pistol and 9mm Ammo

[5] Helen Viola Jackson, America’s last known Civil War widow, dead at 101

[6] Angels of Bataan: The WWII Nurses Who Stayed Behind

[7] A Nazi concentration camp on British soil? A fuller history of Alderney comes to light

[8] Red Tail Angels - The Story of The Tuskegee Airmen

[9] F -111 The Unremembered Fighter Bomber


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