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[1] Inside the Biden family-tied accounts at the heart of the GOP 'foreign influence' inquiry

[2] Timeline Of Ukrainian Pay-To-Play Scheme Confirms Bidens' Corruption

[3] House Oversight Committee Releases Official Timeline of Biden Influence Peddling

[4] Jonathan Turley Weighs In On Hunter News: ‘None Of Us Have Seen The Likes Of This’

[5] Special counsel hits back at Hunter Biden requesting Trump, Barr subpoenas

[6] James Comer: Joe Biden Received ‘Direct Monthly Payments’ from Hunter’s ‘Owasco PC’ Business Account

[7] Catherine Herridge Posts Fascinating Bank Record Exposing Biden Biz Dealings, Troubling Threat From

[8] No more ‘special treatment:’ Comer vows to go to court if Hunter Biden blows off deposition

[9] Joe and Jill Biden returning for Thanksgiving at billionaire David Rubenstein’s $39M Nantucket estat


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