Elections 2020


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[1] Las Vegas newspaper endorses Biden and Klobuchar, scorches 'non-starter' Sanders

[2] Joe Biden Says He ‘Can Hardly Wait’ To Get Donald Trump On The Debate Stage

[3] The Newest Democrat Scheme to ‘Get’ the President

[4] ANALYSIS: What revolution? New Hampshire results show Bernie Sanders base of support shrinking

[5] Haaretz- Opinion AIPAC Must Stop Bernie Sanders – at All Costs

[6] Trump Beats Obama Turnout Numbers for Incumbent New Hampshire Primary

[7] Michael Bennet drops out of presidential race

[8] Nevada's powerful Culinary Union says members were 'viciously attacked' by Sanders' supporters

[9] Pete Buttigieg is uniquely disliked by Democrats across the spectrum even as he surges in early stat


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