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[1] VIDEO: Is This Sanctimonious 2021 Vax Shamer Embarrassed to See Himself Today?

[2] VIDEO: Joe Biden Hugs His Little Sonny Boy Hunter

[3] VIDEO: Morning Mika Desperately Performs EDIT Control on Newly Released Pelosi J6 Video

[4] VIDEO: CNN's Manu Raju Loves Repeating "Convicted Felon" as Lawfare FAILS

[5] VIDEO: Joe Biden Steals a Candid Camera Skit

[6] VIDEO: Annoying AP Reporter Hilariously "Fact Checks" Biden Normandy Squatting Moment

[7] VIDEO: Eric Holder Perfectly Describes the Democrat Lawfare Playbook

[8] VIDEO: Call Of Doody: Joe Biden Bombs at D-Day Ceremony

[9] VIDEO: Morning Joe Tries to Sell Us an Old Broken Down Used Car


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