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[1] Never Trumper in Atlantic Magazine: 'The Trump Presidency Is Over' Due to Coronavirus

[2] VIDEO: FLASHBACK: Norman Lear Gushing Over Andrew Gillum

[3] Is Hillary Clinton Angling to Ride Her Broomstick onto 2020 Ticket?

[4] VIDEO: Bloviator Jon Meacham Goes on Another Pompous Orange Man Bad Rant

[5] VIDEO: Don Lemon Goes Absurdly BERSERK Over Trump's Wednesday Night Address

[6] VIDEO: Left Angrily Condemns Warren for NOT Endorsing Bernie Sanders

[7] VIDEO: Dueling Meltdowns: Michael Moore vs Cenk Uygur

[8] VIDEO: Comedy Gold: WORST Campaign Spokesperson Ever

[9] VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren Exits WHINING


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