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[1] Ancient Maya Cities And ‘Super Highways’ Revealed In Shocking Study

[2] A New Ocean Is Forming in Africa and It Can Cause a Continental Split

[3] Remains From 14th Century Shipwreck Discovered in Israel Contain Hundreds of Artifacts

[4] Mystery of why Roman buildings have survived so long has been unraveled, scientists say

[5] Irving Finkel Returns | Voices Out of the Darkness (Video)

[6] Prehistoric DNA Reveals Two Groups Migrated to the U.K. After the Last Ice Age

[7] Cliff Collapse Reveals 313-million-year-old Fossil Footprints in Grand Canyon National Park

[8] Mammoth Bones and ‘Ghost’ Footprints Stir Debate about Timing of Human Arrival in North America

[9] LGBT Activists Push to Bar Anthropologists from Identifying Human Remains as ‘Male’ or ‘Female’


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