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[1] 6 Advanced Ancient Inventions Beyond Modern Understanding

[2] World’s Only Known Cold-Blooded Mammal Lived On An Island And Aged Similar To A Crocodile

[3] Huge ancient lost city found in the Amazon

[4] Human Remains Found in America Dated 128,000 BC ~ Video

[5] American Museum of Natural History to return thousands of stolen skeletons claiming racist practices

[6] Not Built by Homo sapiens – Scientists Discover “Extraordinary” 476,000-Year-Old Wooden Structure

[7] Conference cancels panel on biological sex in human skeletons over transphobia fears: Commits a 'car

[8] 'This is complete nonsense': Scientists rail against 'alien' bodies shown before Mexican congress

[9] 1,000-year-old mummy with long brown hair discovered in Peru


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