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[1] Lefty Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson spent $30K in campaign funds on ‘skincare enthusiast’ in one yea

[2] Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Blames ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ for City’s Problems

[3] Illinois looking to relabel ‘offenders’ as ‘justice-impacted individuals’

[4] Tiffany Henyard Gets More FBI Subpoenas As Lawyers Quit ~ Video

[5] Billionaire's family bankrolling both anti-Israel groups and these battleground Democrats

[6] Chicago teachers' $50B demands include pay hikes, abortions, migrant accommodation

[7] Brandon Johnson to reinstate guaranteed income in Chicago using remaining COVID-19 relief funds

[8] Law firm exits Tiffany Henyard, Village of Dolton's defense amidst financial strain, FBI probe

[9] Windy City Dems approve $70 million for illegals in sucker punch to residents


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