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[1] Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Wants to Open City-Owned Grocery Stores

[2] Chicago: Police Routinely Ordered Not to Pursue Fleeing Armed Robbery Suspects

[3] Chicago Mayor Tells Residents To Make ‘Sacrifices’ To Benefit Illegal Immigrants

[4] Illinois Supreme Court Ends Cash Bail in Middle of Crime Wave

[5] Chicago mayor mocked for suing automakers for car thefts: 'Criminals run rampant' but it's a 'Kia pr

[6] ‘Several’ employees injured after explosion rips through Illinois ADM plant

[7] Chicago to move migrants from police stations to tent camps before winter under mayor’s plan

[8] Chicago City Council Approves $51 Million in Aid for Illegals

[9] Sanctuary City Chicago Considers Shipping Border Crossers to Suburbs


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