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[1] Court declines to endorse warrantless entries in all “hot pursuits” for misdemeanors

[2] Victory for property rights in Supreme Court union trespassing case

[3] Supreme Court Upholds High School Student's First Amendment Rights for Comments Away From Campus

[4] Laity Notifies Harris Counsel of Docketing of “Eligibility” Case

[5] Supreme Court rules against NCAA in dispute over student-athlete compensation

[6] Trump 'very disappointed' with Justices Kavanaugh, Coney Barrett votes to save Obamacare

[7] Supreme Court Rejects Obamacare Challenge over Standing Issues, 7-2

[8] Supreme Court Rules 9-0, Sides With Catholic Group In LGBTQ Case

[9] Merkley: I Hope Breyer Won’t ‘Let His Seat Be Subject to a Potential Theft’


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