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[1] In the second week of June, with more than two dozen opinions to go

[2] Trump immunity, abortion weigh on Supreme Court before summer recess

[3] Ketanji Hauls $1.5M in ONE YEAR, But Media FREAKS Over Clarence Thomas’s $100K.

[4] A Huge Number of Biden’s Jan 6 Prosecutions Could Fall Apart THIS MONTH, Here’s Why…

[5] Raskin argues DOJ can force recusals of Alito, Thomas in Jan. 6 cases

[6] Alito refuses to recuse from Supreme Court cases despite Democrats’ demands

[7] Supreme Court rules in favor of NRA in key First Amendment case

[8] NY Times keeps the Alito smear assembly line running on high with attack on justice’s wife

[9] Democrats Promise Assault On Court If They Don’t Get Their Way


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