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[1] Letitia James launches 'witch hunt' against pro-lifers, gets sued

[2] Nobody Saw Andy Kim Coming. That’s What He Was Counting On.

[3] Columbia University: NYPD Not Permitted To Oust Anti-Israel Illegal Occupiers

[4] NYPD Blasts AOC, Says Officers Will Teach Liberal Mob Consequences

[5] ‘Hypocritical’ anti-cop NYC council members plead for NYPD protection after receiving ‘scary’ threat

[6] N.J. Rep. Donald Payne Jr. dies at 65. (Congressman)

[7] NYU anti-Israel protesters form human chain as police move in for arrests

[8] This new skyscraper will completely change the Manhattan skyline

[9] Eric Adams Skips Out On Reception With Taiwanese President After Receiving Warning From Chinese Offi


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