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[1] ‘Squad’ Democrat Gets Brutal Campaign News

[2] Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan Office Drops Charges Against Majority of Columbia University Protesters

[3] South Jersey power broker George Norcross, ex-Camden mayor, 4 others charged with racketeering

[4] New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy is suspending Senate campaign

[5] Midtown Manhattan’s ‘8th Ave. Corridor’ plagued by junkies lying at tourists’ feet, fighting in the

[6] Michael Cohen plans to challenge Rep. Jerry Nadler in democratic primary: ‘It’s enough already’

[7] NYPD arrest man armed with handgun, body armor, axes and knives at traffic stop in Queens

[8] Anti-Israel protesters light flares by NYC exhibit for Oct. 7 music festival victims: 'Long Live the

[9] Antisemitic hate thrives at NYC’s most prestigious public high schools Brooklyn Tech, Stuyvesant, an


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