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[1] UFO expert displays supposed ‘non-human’ alien corpses in Mexico’s Congress

[2] The Hidden Truth About The Moon - Something Is Wrong! ~ Video

[3] Green fireball caught on Ring camera sparks UFO panic: ‘That’s an alien ship’

[4] Congressman issues grim warning after viewing classified UFO footage: Could turn Earth to ‘charcoal’

[5] Boeing’s Starliner saga is actually a NASA policy success

[6] Las Vegas police spot suspected UFO — and residents claim to see aliens

[7] 12,000-Year-Old Site With a TERRIFYING Warning - Göbekli Tepe ~ Video

[8] Las Vegas UFO mystery: Police put up surveillance cameras at house where ‘aliens landed’

[9] Pentagon ‘whistleblower’ claims Vatican helped US retrieve UFO from Benito Mussolini


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