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[1] Proposed Amendment No. 2

[2] Poll: Gillum leads DeSantis by 6 points in Florida governor race

[3] 12-gauges and checkbooks: Shooting range setting for John Rutherford fundraiser

[4] Donna Shalala in Florida’s 27th congressional district: The Democrats’ disconnect with Florida’s Cub

[5] Florida Dem Slammed U.S. Weeks After 9/11 Attacks

[6] Gillum Aligns With Groups That Support Boycotts of Israel

[7] Neo-Nazi Robocalls Target Andrew Gillum In Florida Governor Race

[8] DeSantis warns Floridians not to "monkey this up" by electing Gillum

[9] Uber Driver Shoots Woman's Enraged Boyfriend In "Stand Your Ground" Mixup


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