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[1] DeSantis’s Dem challenger suspends concealed carry permits for 22 Americans who attended Jan 6 prote

[2] Walt Disney to move thousands of jobs from California to Florida

[3] Florida Democrats Face ‘F—ing Shellacking’ in Cuban-Heavy South Florida Districts

[4] Florida COVID-19 hospitalizations jump significantly again

[5] A possible tropical depression is looming. That’s why South Florida is under flood watch

[6] DeSantis handed victory as US appeals court rules against CDC cruise ship restrictions

[7] Gov. Ron DeSantis takes action against Ben & Jerry’s over their Israeli boycott

[8] Sheriff of Polk County gives a straight-up answer we all need to hear

[9] Gov. Ron DeSantis sells ‘Don’t Fauci My Florida’ merch as his state’s COVID-19 cases spike


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