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[1] Florida Supreme Court Sides With DeSantis Over Suspension of George Soros-Backed State Prosecutor

[2] Florida City Discovers Secret Tunnel Network – Mysterious Evidence Fuels Wild Theories About Their O

[3] FDOT decides to light Florida bridges red, white, and blue this summer

[4] Ft. Lauderdale mosque: Jews are poison-injecting virus

[5] Florida Issues Rules for Life-Threatening Emergencies Under Abortion Restrictions

[6] Democrats running in every Florida House race for first time since 2018

[7] DeSantis announces $2.2B in funding for Agency for Persons with Disabilities

[8] DeSantis Isn’t Putting Up With Any of Your Blue City “Soft On Shoplifting” Crap

[9] CLEAR TAKEOVER: How Scientology doubled its downtown Clearwater footprint in 3 years


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