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[1] Hubble Telescope's payload computer is down. NASA has spent days trying to fix it.

[2] Dirty laundry in space? NASA, Tide tackle cleaning challenge

[3] Congress isn’t happy about SpaceX’s lunar lander and may vent this week

[4] EXIM Approves $80.7 Million to Support SpaceX Launch Services and U.S.-Brokered Insurance for Hispas

[5] SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virigin Galactic and other Private Space Companies Thread

[6] Backbone of NASA’s Moon Rocket joins Boosters for Artemis I mission

[7] SpaceX Will Also Launch Starship From Cape Canaveral Long-Term, Says Elon Musk

[8] Is the Space Force about to acquire SpaceX Starships?

[9] NASA’s Latest Project To Save The Planet Illustrates The Urgency Of Space Exploration


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