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[1] Mob of Trans Insurrectionists BUST Into TN Capitol...Threaten Lawmakers:

[2] Kentucky Lawmakers Override Veto to Pass Sweeping Anti-Trans Legislation

[3] VIDEO: Protesters Flood into Tennessee Capital Chanting ‘Gun Control Now’

[4] TRANSURRECTION: Trans activists storm Kentucky Capitol to protest law prohibiting child sex changes,

[5] BREAKING: Barge With 1400 Tons of Toxic Chemicals Partially Submerged In Ohio River Near Major City

[6] Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Accused of Racial Slurs/Elder Abuse

[7] DeSantis signs universal school choice reform into Florida law

[8] Whitmer Kills Right to Work in Michigan

[9] Wisconsin Assembly Passes Bill Allowing DACA Illegals in Law Enforcement


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